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A Summer Special… Avocado and Feta Salad

If I were asked to describe my style of cooking, I would say, “Simple!” I use fresh ingredients of the best quality I can get my hands on and try and create magic with them. Sometimes I am not successful.  But sometimes… Magic happens!

This particular salad is magic. Summer magic. It makes me think of summer BBQs, late drinking and chattering into the night in our yard.  And as we gorge on delicious food and sweet spiked sangrias, we become immune to midnight yawns and unfortunately to the incessant buzzing of the pesky mosquitoes.  And we only realize how good of a time we had the next morning, when our pounding headache is only upstaged by the constellation of mosquito bites aching to be scratched all over our well tanned legs.

Ahhhhhh… I do love summer!.. Mosquitoes and all… It’s all worth it!

This salad has become my go-to for lazy Sunday dinners, camping getaways and BBQ parties galore. I whipped it up one night on a whim (as most of my recipes are) in an attempt to make a quick side dish for some grilled chicken. The feta was kind of an after thought. This was supposed to be a deconstructed guacamole and then I went cray cray and sprinkled in some feta. I’ll be honest, I thought I ruined the whole batch, but it turned out super delish! Creamy, salty, and just right. Best of all, it comes together in no time and is all bright and cheery against any tablescape… or none at all. This is the salad that you will find yourself bringing to all your friends’ houses just to brighten up the drab BBQ spread.

Yup! Now is the time to bust that sangria bottle out.


2 Large Avocados
1 Large Tomato
half a red onion
3 T (Tablespoon) crumbled feta (feel free to use more, if you like)
1 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

*be wary of how much salt you are using due to the feta being salty


1. First we need to dice up an avocado.
2. And then we are going to dice a nice ripe and juicy tomato.
3. And dice half a red onion.
4. Crumble some feta of choice right on top.
5. Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and be on your merry way!

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Mila Furman


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