An Easy, Way To Detoxify Your Body.


During the holidays and winter time, we tend to eat and drink more, and stay less active than in the warmer months. Immediately after the New Year celebration, people make a traditional resolution to eat healthier and exercise! After declaring that resolution, we get tied up with work, kids, daily errands, and our loud resolution becomes silent broken promise with a load of guilt. Not only did a goal fall out of action, but one finds him/ herself feeling tired, sluggish, shapeless; the pressure of wearing a bathing suit/ trunks on spring vacation is on! What to do? Should I starve, take diet pill? No! Because that’s a quick fix, it wont help in the long run! Why not make smaller changes, eat healthier, drink plenty of water, walk more, and give our body a clean start. Try something different ……Detoxify all that junk!

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is an alternative medicine approach that rids the body of “toxins”, accumulated harmful substances that can cause undesirable effects on individual health. Detoxification usually includes one or more of: dieting, fasting, consuming exclusively or avoiding specific foods (such as fats, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, juices, herbs, or water), colon cleansing, chelation therapy, or the removal of dental fillings. (1) But some of the above mentioned choices can be complicated to do! So after seeing many complicated and expensive programs which may or may not work and ingredients maybe of questionable quality….I finally found a great product, suitable for individuals with a busy lifestyle and high standards for quality.

It is with great pleasure and outmost confidence I would like to introduce the Heel Detox Kit! Originally Made in Germany, with all natural, homeopathic ingredients! My favorite part about it….it is so easy to use…all you do is add the liquid drops to the bottle of water that you are already drinking! That’s all you have to do….. the herbals do all the work for you, cleansing your kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines, and the lymphatic system, while you go on with your day! Just imagine your same bottle of water is now helping you cleanse the key organ systems to get you to feel your best and full of energy.

The Heel Detox system is indicated for adults. It is taken for one week, then a week break, and then continue drinking the herbals for one week and finish. As your body eliminates toxins, you can begin to feel better, but keep in mind even when you are finished taking it, the body is still cleansing, hence allow 6 weeks of time to notice complete results. The ingredients in the Heel Detox system are not known to interact with prescription medications. Caution for patients with thyroid disorders or imbalances of thyroid hormones, one of the components of the kit contains iodine. Also, the kit is not meant for individuals recovering from alcoholism, since the tinctures have a small concentration of alcohol. (2).
So start clearing those toxins out of your body! Feel great and accomplished, get ready for Spring in a healthy way. Stop by and pick up your Heel Detox Kit at Kedvon Pharmacy, 56 S. Milwaukee Ave. Wheeling. MENTION THIS ARTICLE AND RECEIVE 10 % OFF YOUR HEAL DETOX KIT ( Retail price $39.00).

Vlada Korol
Kedvon Pharmacy

(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detoxification_(alternative_medicine)


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