Basta in Chicago

 When you are hesitating about whether or not you should be going to the concert, you are also solving a dilemma old as the world: stay at home, wrapped up in the blanket listening to very same songs on the Soundcloud, or actually be present at the venue to the live sound?!


Once you made a brave decision to step out of the comfort zone, you were rewarded with a pre-party thrown by DJ UZO. While Basta set the sound, DJ UZO set the mood. And as the room got crowded, comfort zone has transferred to the concert venue. Our very special comfort is built of heehaw, tolerance in the narrow, bare nostalgia and ability to sing along, until the voice is hopelessly gone.


Let alone that Bugz Entertainment & Vashe Radio have arranged this concert for reasonably homesick hearts abroad – the event felt like a reunion with an old pal. He or she wouldn’t let you stare at your phone without poking at you, because, obviously, you were there to catch up. Basta sang the stories we were so familiarly in love with, broke the ice with stand up of a virtuous comedian and gave us a heads-up on what is on back home with presenting some tracks from his new album. The evening out was well worth it.

Tais Kotova

January 11, 2017Ozz-61

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