Famous Pharmacists, Their Inventions and Unique Jobs!

Pharmacists typically work in retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. One can assume that being a pharmacist is a regular job, and it can be stereo-typed as a boring profession. Well, allow me to enlighten you, the field of pharmacy goes far and wide, there are hundreds of different types of work settings and practices throughout the world. Pharmacists are very creative scientists, they can work in the most usual and unusual places! Pharmacists are famous for inventions that have changed lives and inspired the world. Let’s step outside of the “pill-box” and take a look at the creativity, innovation, and accomplishments of pharmacists!

Throughout history pharmacists were originally chemists, at times they followed formulas, while others researched for new things. Often, during research we look for one thing and end up finding something entirely different, even far more important or innovative then the original goal. One great example, is when Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. Before to he discovered penicillin, Flemming was already well-known for excellence in medical and chemical research.  He witnessed many soldiers loosing lives from wound infections during World War I, and was determined to find medicines with antiseptic properties. During his research Fleming discovered Penicillin totally accidentally.  Alexander Flemming stated, “When I woke up just after dawn on September 28, 1928, I certainly didn’t plan to revolutionize all medicine by discovering the world’s first antibiotic, or bacteria killer, but I suppose that was exactly what I did.” (1) It became one of the most widely used antibiotics in the world!

Other Famous People Who Were Pharmacists (2)

  • Charles Alderton, inventor of Dr. Pepper
  • Caleb Bradham, inventor of Pepsi-Cola
  • Luke Howard, “the father of meteorology”
  • Hubert Humphrey, US Vice-President 1965–69
  • David Jack, leader of research that developed major asthma drugs
  • John Pemberton, inventor of Coca-Cola
  • Friedrich Sertürner, discovered morphine in 1804
  • Joseph Swan, inventor of the incadescent light bulb
  • Jim Wilson, Los Angeles City Council member

Cool Jobs That Pharmacists Work In (3):

It is hard to imagine, but [harmacists do not just work at the traditional pharmacy, filling prescriptions or in the hospital basement mixing IV medications.  “Pharmacists now work in unusual settings, such as cruise ships, at missionary hospitals in Africa, and at Yellowstone National Park. It’s even possible to work as a writer for Medscape while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.” (3)  In fact, pharmacists manage to combine their different passions and interests, resulting a truly unique jobs. “For example, Tina Bayuse, PharmD, had a keen interest in outer space. As a pharmacy student, she arranged an experiential rotation in the pharmacology lab at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). After finishing pharmacy school and passing the licensing exam, Dr. Bayuse was hired by Wyle Laboratories, a NASA contractor, to serve as the space agency’s first and only clinical pharmacist.” (3)

Veterinary Pharmacists – compound medications for your pets. Animals require different doses, flavors, and forms of medications. A veterinary specialty pharmacist can help treat animals by making medications that works for them. For example, a pharmacist can place medication into jelly form and give it a cat food flavor, so that a kitty cat can lick it right off their own paw!

Nuclear Pharmacy – is a specialty of making and dispensing of radioactive materials for nuclear imaging and nuclear medical procedures. These medications are made in microscopic doses, ultimate precision is practiced, and the pharmacist has to wear protective gear from head to toe.

Clinical Research Pharmacists – design, plan, implement, and direct overall clinical research projects for pharmaceutical companies. They evaluate and analyze clinical data, follow protocols, and coordinate clinical studies.

Drug Experience Coordinators – follow the product that their company makes, it is their responsibility to keep track of what patients’ reactions are to a particular medication, after it comes out into the market. Especially, these pharmacists keep track of the adverse effects of the drug.

Public Health Service (PHS) Commissioned Corps Pharmacists – These job positions are offered through the United States government, they include working at Indian Health Service (IHS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Bureau of Prisons –yes, there are pharmacies inside prisons!

Drug Information Pharmacists – work in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and universities. They answer questions about drugs to patients, doctors, professors. At times these are simple questions, at other times the pharmacist needs to perform detailed research of medical literature to figure out if a particular medication would be appropriate for a patient with a unique case. These pharmacists also write articles for scientific journals and continuing education programs.

Poison Control Pharmacists – if anyone ever had to call a Poison Control Center in an emergency, rest assured, a pharmacist along with a nurse are there to help and guide on what to do in your particular situation, weather its a chemical poisoning, overdose, or a drug interaction.

Therefore, one can now understand just how versitile and innovative the profession of pharmacy is!  At Kedvon Pharmacy, we strive to bring interesting stories to our community, we think outside of the box and are full of ideas to help your family with all your healthcare needs!!!  Come visit us and feel free to contact us with any questions at (847) 459-0001.





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