Happy Holidays 2015 from Kedvon Pharmacy

Dear Readers, Friends, and Members of our Community!
        The holidays are a wonderful time of the year!  Some of you may be lighting the menorah, others are decorating their Christmas trees!  In which ever different ways we  celebrate, we all try to commemorate the year on a pleasant note.  It is a time to wrap up gifts, finish lingering tasks, reflect on the year, and make goals and wishes for the upcoming New Year.  It is also a perfect time to express gratitude to everyone surrounding our lives, making our lives better and happier, teaching, inspiring, supporting our goals, and pulling us forward.  My favorite concept never leaves my mind, and even though I have said it many times, I will say it again.  We have to live our lives believing, that no matter how wonderful things have been in the past, that our best days are in the future, that way we always have something to look forward to!  We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute health articles to Russian Chicago Magazine, to share our knowledge, and introduce our favorite top-quality products!

Dear Kedvon Pharmacy Team!
         A special message to our team at Kedvon Pharmacy!  I would like all of our readers to know, that at Kedvon pharmacy it is the combined effort of our whole friendly team that delivers health care to our Chicagoland community.  I am very proud our our daily efforts: doing everything in our power to provide excellent patient care.  We do not fear daily challenges presented, we acknowledge them, look them straight in the eyes, and overcome them, like jumping hurdles.  Anything from an insurance company, who requires a prior authorization to pay for a medication, while a patient is in urgent need to receive it; or if there is a winter snow storm and our delivery driver needs to get a medication to a patient that day.  We can get it done, we have done it and we will continue to do it.  We really care about the wellbeing of our patients.
I am so proud of our team, our togetherness, our efforts, our desire to reach greater results, our commitment to our cause, and our passion for the profession of pharmacy.  A special Happy New Year to our team at Kedvon Pharmacy in Chicago, Wheeling, and Buffalo Grove!!!.

Dear Patients and Customers!!!  
        Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you!  We, at Kedvon Pharmacy are honored to serve your healthcare needs!  You are the reason for why we come to work smiling everyday.  Thank you for choosing Kedvon Pharmacy!!!
We wish you health, happiness, and strength in the upcoming year and always!
We are always ready to always answer your questions, find your favorite products, fill your prescriptions, and deliver them right to your door.  We love being part of the community.  As I reflect back on the events of 2015, the most powerful community event that comes to mind is May 9th, Victory Day, signifying 70 years since the victory of WII.  Many of our patients include veterans, wives of veterans, children of veterans.  It was a great honor for me, to celebrate together with our veterans and families on May 9th, to be in the presence of heroes.
Thank you again and Happy New Year to all of our patients and customers!!!

Dear Russian Chicago Magazine Team!
Happy New Year to All of You from our team at Kedvon!!!  We are honored to be a part of your wonderful publication!!!
In the New Year, I hope to find even more ways to provide great patient care!  I am grateful for my team, my family, my close ones who surround me and inspire me to be a better version of myself!
Cheers, Happy New Year!

From your friendly pharmacist Vlada Korol, Kedvon Pharmacy Team, and Family!!!!

Vlada Korol
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