How to Save Money on Your Prescription Medication

Prescription medications can get expensive!  Ask your pharmacist about ways you can save money on your prescriptions! Pharmacists are willing to help, our goal is for you to be able to obtain the therapy you need. Here are some possible ways to save!

1.  Some medications are less expensive if you join a pharmacy program, and not use insurance.

Look into a  $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply  program for each specific medication.  This applies for certain medications and not all medical conditions and all patients are eligible

2. Get a medication review (commonly called a “brown bag”) from your pharmacist

Bring all your medications, even if they are from different pharmacies, also all of your vitamins, herbals and supplements, and show your pharmacist. This is a very important process to make sure that you are not duplicating therapy and are not taking anything that you do not need.
3. Fill your prescription for a  90-day supply

When using insurance, patients filling a 90-day prescription will only have 1 co-pay, compared to 3 co-pays for the same amount of medication.

4. Choose a Generic when it is available

Prices on generics vary greatly from one pharmacy to another.

5. Certain Tablets can be Split

Check if your medication can be split in half.  Only certain, specific types of tablets can do that. That way if you are on ten milligrams of a certain medication , you can take half of a 20 mg.  Be very careful and only do this if your doctor and pharmacist approve it for that specific medication.

At Kedvon Pharmacies, we strive to offer the lowest prescription prices, so that your therapy can be attainable and not burdensome.  Please contact us with any questions on medication prices and a free medication review.

Vlada Karol

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