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Often I get asked what do I listen to on the radio while in the car. Obviously besides Vashe Radio, right?! Do I listen to talk radio, do I listen to music, do I listen to audiobooks, do I drive in silence? Well, silence is wonderful sometimes. But here’s what I listen to most of the time: The Howard Stern Show, NPR and Radio Disney. Yup… I listen to The Howard Stern show, because there’s no better interviews, anywhere. Ever! There’s no better-all-around radio personality than Howard Stern in the whole history of radio, and his interviews with interesting people are second-to-none. I learn from it. I listen to NPR, because of their amazing and superb stories and the way these stories are produced and delivered. Mainly because of Ira Glass and This American Life, but there are others as well. I learn from it. Finally, I listen to Radio Disney, because, when my children occupy the car, I am no longer in control of the audio. I know every song I would never listen to otherwise. I’m very familiar with Taylor Swift’s repertoire. I can humm Selena Gomez’s latest hit (at least I think I could). Not to sound like an old fart, but sometimes I’m shocked at the lyrics in these songs considering they are geared towards the very young audience. These are the times we live in, I suppose. So I definitely learn from it as well. There you have it. What do you listen to? Now I’m curious. Besides Vashe Radio, that is. Let me know, if you can –
Thank you all for making last Wednesday night in Chicago so memorable. Big thank you to Chicago from Andriy Khlyvniuk and all of Boomboks family. Thank you for coming out on a Wednesday, guys. Thank you for saying so many nice words to me in private by so many of you. It means a lot. We are committed to continue bringing the best artists and performers for your enjoyment as we’ve done for almost over 15 years. Thank you to all the local supporters and organizations, who are true patriots and good honest people. And we do have the next treat for you coming in just a couple of weeks! Of course, I’m talking about Potap and Nastya. It’s been 2 years since they toured US and Canada and this late October and early November they are going to 12 cities including Chicago. A lot has happened in their lives (and ours). New double album is out this week along with the new music video. On Sunday, November 1st , we are welcoming Potap and Nastya on stage at Evanston Auditorium for a big performance called “Dance Everybody!”. Don’t miss it or you’ll be very sorry and all your cool friends will make fun of you forever.
I know you will enjoy this issue of Russian Chicago and a fantastic cover story with our new friend – “Cleveland Cavaliers'” Timofey Mozgov – by Victoria Bulakhava along with other interesting reads by our staff and contributing writers. Talk soon and cheers!
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