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What an insane couple of weeks it has been. Makes me think how fragile things are in the world. I suppose it has always been that way throughout the years. How quickly people can destroy the way things are. How a few matter vs the masses. Just a handful of crazies can flip our world upside down. How then the masses are quick to judge and label, quick to praise, quick to bring down. Our world is fragile, human life is fragile. If you start reading the news (and not just from one source), your head will start spinning. You might get physically sick. What’s happening in Israel and the Middle East (every day, almost)? What’s happening in Russia, Ukraine, now France, Belgium and Germany? Do you know, what happened in Brazil recently? What the hell is happening here in US with politics going out of control? We got Donald Trump. We got Ben Carson. Have we gone mad? We’re actually listening to what they have to say? Not to say that democrats have the best alternative, although Hillary could at least somewhat keep it under control just because of her experience and connections. And as much as I like Bernie Sanders and what he’s got to say, do you see him as the commander-and-chief of our country? One day everyone loves Ronda Rousey and she’s worshiped; the minute she gets a nasty knockout loss to Holm, she’s hated by everyone. People are painting their facebook profiles with French flag, others – immediately ridicule them. People divide, argue, and fight. Labels, terminology. We get sucked into this insanity everywhere we turn to. But I digressed a bit. These are tough times indeed. We, here at Russian Chicago magazine, rarely touch politics or such horrific news. For many reasons. Let this be one of those rare times. I hope, the world comes to its senses. I hope, people everywhere could just pause and realize they will never agree on most things, but they need to stop killing each other. Wishful thinking? Perhaps!

We’ve got a great cover story for you in this issue. A beautiful couple, an inspirational success story, love, something that would be pleasant for your eye to look at, and cheerful to your mind. A nice way to take a break away from all the ugliness that is going on all around us, even if it’s just for a bit. Along with many other interesting reads in this issue it should keep you entertained and engaged. Do me a favor: spend 15-20 minutes with our magazine over a cup of Hyson tea (product placement right there for you) in your coziest spot at home and just try to enjoy it! After all, this is why we craft this publication. Yes, the world will go on, the time will keep ticking, we will witness more horrors and atrocities, but there will be happy moments ahead as well. I know it. Talk soon and cheers!

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