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Issue #136

Ah, the holiday season shopping madness! As you’re running around thinking about olivier salad and caviar, here are some useful and trendy gift suggestions. I know, you want warm socks and sweaters, but try to be a bit different this year. It’s the word du jour on the tips of everyone’s tongue: wearables. And 2015 was the biggest year for the market yet, with brands taking a bite out of tech apparel. The biggest difficulty thus far has been products that are either too techy or not fashionable enough, or vice versa. Here are the best wearable technology that can swing both ways, appeasing the biggest of tech snobs while also catering to fashion elitists as well.

# 1 Sona by Caeden.

The Sona by Caeden bracelet can monitor the user’s physical and mental stress levels through a patented Resonance tracker. The wearable tracks heart rate 10 times more accurately than other offerings, it claims, and also assesses one’s active and passive activities throughout the day. The best part about this device is its craftsmanship. Out of all of the wearables currently out there, Sona is probably the most elegantly designed to come across yet, in full grain leather with rose gold, gold and black, and gunmetal options. Price: $149.

# 2 Apple Watch.

Not only it is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, it is a standalone statement piece that has the power to make any outfit come alive. Apple put a lot of effort into creating a wearable with style in mind and this one did not disappoint. Price: Starts at $349.

# 3 Jawbone Up3.

The Jawbone was fashion’s first popular wearable device. Long before the Apple Watch. It even received a nod of approval from supermodels like Karlie Kloss, who touted it on her wrists along with other jewelry. The Up3 is the next generation of the brand. It also seamlessly connects to one’s Android or iPhone, tracking not only distance, calories, and heartbeat, but also sleep patterns. Price: $179.99.

# 4 Mira.

Mira had its humble beginnings on Kickstarter and then fully became a full-fledged company just months later. The tracking device is catered to women and is meant to be discreet. Seamlessly integrating into any outfit, the wearable looks like any other delicate bracelet. This one tracks steps, elevation, distance and calories, and comes in five metallic shades. Price: Starts at $99.

# 5 Montblanc e-strap.

For those, who are hesitant to switch out their expensive statement watches for electronic ones, look no further than Montblanc’s e-strap, which seems to have solved that conundrum. The e-strap is a clever tracker and will strap onto any watch for those times you actually want a traditional timepiece. Simply look at the bottom of the strap to monitor incoming calls, read texts and emails, while also acting as a remote control for a smartphone, music player and camera. Price: $450.

Now go get some cool gifts and surprise your loved ones.

I hope you enjoy this new issue of Russian Chicago magazine. Talk soon and cheers!

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