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Issue #137

I wanted to take another opportunity to thank everyone – our readers, listeners, online audience, concertgoers as well as our sponsors and clients for an awesome 2015! We’ve got so much work done and we’ve received so much love and support from you. I can’t even begin telling you how much interesting events and projects we have planned for this, 2016, year. Actually, we’ve already started with Ivanushki International concert that kicked-off 2016 with a bang. What a show! All the photos are on our official pages on Facebook, be sure to take a look (and see yourself maybe). Next up – Ani Lorak, Comedy Women, Tina Karol and… we just announced Guf on March 19th. We’ve been planning the tour with Guf for over two years now and finally here we go – Guf live in Chicago at The MID. Tickets are already available on Also, as a special treat as it has not been announced anywhere yet, not even on, we are bringing Vyacheslav Butusov and Nautilus Pompilius to Chicago in June. What a show this will be!

Over the years we’ve had a tremendous amount of cover stories published. As you know, cover story is the core and focus of Russian Chicago magazine. As you may also suspect, we’re always looking for really good stories and, yes, sometimes we have big time celebrities on our covers, but that’s not what we’re really after. Good stories that our editors and staff are looking for are the stories of our own people, who persevere and succeed in various fields of life. Those are stories we can all learn from, people we could all be proud of. We are especially happy, when we find great stories like that and all pieces fall into the right places. The story of Lana Lanetta is one of them. I hope, you will learn from it and enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

Also I wanted to remind you about one of our sister companies – Devvela. Devvela builds amazing things for the web and mobile. From simple websites to complex software solutions, they’ve got it. If you need anything that has to do with Internet – give them a ring or shoot them an email (, they will warm you up with their knowledge and expertise even on such cold Chicago days. If you are in business and not online, you cannot afford to do it anymore. Start selling online, get a decent presence for your business and open up a whole new world.

Finally, I’d like to point your attention to the fact that we’ve got some exciting things going on at Vashe radio (AM1240, Mon-Fri, 5-7pm). First, Alexandro Belenco is back with us after so many years in exile. Second, we’ve got new games and we’ve got new prizes. Third, we even got a new website! Come join us and have some good times everyday on your way back home.

Enjoy this issue of Russian Chicago, share it with a friend too – don’t just keep it all to yourself. Talk soon, cheers!

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