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Issue #137

I’m going to give myself a New Year’s resolution that I wanted to share with you as well. Our friend, Gary Vaynerchuk, has summarized it today on his Facebook page:  “97% of things don’t matter… Many of you are reversed… Fix it. Stop focusing on dumb sh@t.” It may sound a bit rude, sure, but it’s very true and straight to the point. Basically, figure out just a few main things that are important in your life, focus on them, and screw the rest, because, honestly, they are not important at all. And the few things that do matter, that are in fact important, are very basic, and the chances are we are all thinking about same things. However, it’s easy to say, not so easy to do, right?! We get caught up with things, we rush, we don’t pay attention, and we join the rat race. We forget, what’s important. Then we wake up and life has gone by. What have we achieved? Did we do what we wanted? Did we see places we wanted to see? Were we happy? Tough questions. It’s never too late, though. Telling yourself to stop focusing on “dumb sh@t” is a great start. Dumb people included. Surround yourself with what’s important as well as people who are meaningful, positive and good for you. And that’s my New Year’s resolution.

This holiday season has sneaked up on us unexpectedly. Maybe, due to unusually warm weather in Chicago; maybe, because we are too caught up with other things. I hope you’ve done some or all of your holiday shopping – trust me, you don’t want to wait till the very last moment. Make a list on a piece of paper and execute swiftly! Ok, now we’re done with holiday stuff.

It’s been many years since Ivanushki International have visited the Windy City. We have waited and waited. The wait is over. On January 8th at The MID Ivanushki International will take the stage and turn the whole place upside down. This will be the night to remember. Make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible and if you want a table – be sure to snatch one now as there are just a few left. We wanted to make our cover and featured story fun and happy. The stars have aligned. Тhe timing was perfect. I hope you enjoy reading it and come to have some good time on January 8th with Ivanushki. I will be talking to you all in 2016! Have a spectacular celebration! Cheers!

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