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Issue #138

As you may know one of our companies Bugz Entertainment does a lot of concerts all across the US, coast to coast. We try to bring great Russian and Ukrainian artists and put up good shows for people to enjoy. Funny thing, some people think it’s a very fancy business and it’s all glamour and fun and so much money is made. Mostly it’s very hard work, and it’s far from glamour. We try to make sure artists get what they deserve and try to keep the prices down so that people can easily afford the tickets. We do concerts because we want to entertain our communities, bring something positive. And because we are really good at it, not because of money. People who know us personally (by us I mean myself and my team) know it, others however, love to speculate. From time to time I hear someone commenting on the fact that a $65 ticket is way too expensive. They blame us, thinking we’re profiting from it. Well now.. do you know how much tickets are to local sporting events? Hundreds of dollars per ticket for somewhat ok seats. What about concerts? How about $1500 per ticket for Adele seats in a section where you won’t need binoculars to see the stage, and for $400 per ticket you will sit so far away you’d need to bring a telescope. Somehow, I don’t hear people complaining. If you want to go see Adele with your kids for example you’ll spend several thousand dollars. Sure that’s Adele. She’s hot and she sells out United Center in Chicago for 3 days in a raw. But when you want to go to see let’s say Butusov or Leningrad with your friends somehow couple hundred bucks is outrageously expensive. What is this a Russian thing or something? I don’t know. Coming in after the concert just started and trying to negotiate ticket prices down to $20 by saying “Look here, friend, concert already started, you can’t charge me regular ticket price, I’ll give you $20, let me in” is definitely a Russian thing. So do me a favor if you hear someone complain about tickets to any of the upcoming concerts we’re putting together – tell them to stay home and watch it on youtube or something. Those of you who appreciate what we do – thank you. We do it for you and we bust our behinds doing it. And yes, you can quote me on everything I’ve said here.

How hot is our cover in this issue of Russian Chicago?! Ania Gerasimova-Spiering is a successful model and actress who has come a long way. And what an interesting story of perseverance and determination. I’m so happy to be able to share this story with you, our readers. And thanks to Ania for finding the time to work with us on this story, Enjoy this along with many other great reads in this issue, which our talented and loyal team puts together for your enjoyment. Talk soon and cheers!
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