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ISSUE #140

We rarely have a featured cover story with someone whose first language is not Russian. This is one of those rare moments. When we found out about an “Evening with Sophia Loren” taking place in Chicago, our first thought was, “No way! Is that really happening?!” I’ve personally met with producers of this event to make sure it’s all good. Yes, it is happening, and you should hurry up getting your tickets. This is an amazing opportunity to meet the legend in person, see and hear her on stage in a tell-all performance. You will see rare video footage and pictures during the show as well. It’s true, Sophia Loren is not exactly Russian to be featured on the cover of Russian Chicago; however, she’s had quite an influence on generations of people in the former USSR. Don’t miss this event! There will not be another opportunity like this. As a reminder, see for a complete list of all shows, concerts and events that relate to our multicultural community.

I was just surprised with a trip to Tulum, Mexico, over the weekend. It was a gift for my birthday, and I obviously couldn’t say no. I mean, who would say no to something like that?! What a great trip it did turn out to be! Very different from well-known all-inclusive resorts many of us are used to. I’ve heard so many great things about Tulum before: that it’s raw, it’s authentic, tranquil and simple. There’s nothing fancy there: no commercial establishments, no fancy cars, and no bling. It’s full of artsy interesting people who are just having a good time. It turns out, it’s all true. I stayed in a little white kabana right on the beach, falling asleep and waking up to the ocean waves. I’ve met some really cool people, I saw some good old friends. There are amazing restaurants and it’s just beautiful all around. Not busy, not pretentious, just perfect. Lots of kite-surfers too, something I need to learn. It’s not that easy from what I gather, but watching those people kite-surfing is just incredible. It is a must-do on my list now. If you’re into that – do visit Tulum. If you’re more into all-inclusive Iberostar buffets – please don’t visit Tulum. Just saying.

As I returned, I caught a glimpse of Grammies – always a spectacle to see. I especially like the effects and new tricks they come up with for the performances. Adele, Alabama Shakes, Lady Gaga are great as always, and, no, I did not like Kendrick Lamar (no disrespect, just didn’t like it) and, no, I didn’t like Justin Bieber (I dig the tracks, just can’t look at him performing for some reason, like it just feels wrong). All-in-all, pretty good.

I hope you get to enjoy this issue of Russian Chicago. There are some interesting reads all across, thanks to our editorial super team. And don’t forget to share our magazine with family members and friends. Sharing is caring. Talk soon and cheers!

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