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I’m sitting on a fancy couch in a living room of a 56th floor penthouse suite at Aria in Las Vegas, overlooking the Strip. I see an ocean of people down on the streets, countless lights and video screens. One enormous blur of colors. I’m here for just a couple of days in between Minneapolis and Denver, on tour with old pal Sergey Zhukov/Ruki Vverh. 13 cities, 11 concerts, a bit over 2 weeks of madness and hard work. I probably had mentioned this before but i would say it again: showbusiness behind the scenes is not all glam; it’s very hard work, not much sleep, and intense physical and mental pressure. So there’s nothing wrong with relaxing by the pool in Vegas for just a bit. We’ve deserved it. I’ve seen Vegas behind the scenes as well. It’s not all glam either, by the way. People work really hard pushing themselves to the limit each and every day. I will talk more later about this experience as I’ve visited places like Dallas, Minneapolis and Atlanta – those cities we usually never host concerts in. There were lots of surprises. I guess, you will find Russian-speaking people anywhere in America now, but boy-oh-boy, we are different depending on where we live! Strange, isn’t it? How people get used to the places they live at and don’t realize how they change?! The way people talk, the way they think, the way they move even. I’ll process my thoughts some more and promise to tell you all about it soon.

We’ve got more amazing concerts coming your way. Diana Arbenina takes the cover of Russian Chicago Magazine for the first time in over 6 years. New album, new look. It’s been a while since the last concert tour and we’re very excited to see Diana and Nochnie Sniperi in Chicago on May 14th. Diana is a true poet, an extraordinary talent, a rock star. You don’t want to miss it. I remember us hanging out after the first concert in Chicago. With a bottle of champagne. Diana was smoking in the hotel room bathroom. Sitting on the floor, we talked about many things: life, love, relationships, and work. It was a night to remember.

For the party people we’ve got something equally exciting – it’s a debut for Vremya and Steklo in Chicago, who will be joined by duet Nikita (Dasha Astafieva and Nana). We’ve got Svetlana Loboda coming up as well as more surprises to be announced soon. Keep your eyes on and you will be in the loop.

I hope you enjoy this new issue of Russian Chicago (often imitated never duplicated) as much as I did. Talk soon and cheers!

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