LOBODA GROUP returns to the USA and Canada in the spring of 2019

Charismatic and bright Loboda group was a real breakthrough on the musical Olympus. The group won the audience with their successful hits, and in spring of 2019 they plan to go on a tour to the USA and Canada again to present the new musical show.

The group is called “fearless” for the boldness of images on the stage and in clips, for strength and tenderness, which Loboda group easily combines with flirting and joking in their songs. Each of the video clips is a small film masterpiece from the life of any woman, and concerts are a symbiosis of styles and trends. Virtually every composition of Loboda group heads charts. Their acclaimed single “Superstar” blew up all the music charts, and the video for the song has already broken all records. For ten hours since the release, the single scored more than a million views.

Loboda group rely on the latest technologies in the field of lighting and visual solutions and drama, which is the basis of each issue. That makes women believe that you should not despair, that you need to surround yourself with the beautiful and fight for your happiness. Men are attracted to sexuality and independence expressed in the video. Together with the main singer Svetlana Loboda, her whole team goes on this tour. That includes musicians (drums – Arthur Frolov, bass – Maxim Afanasiev, guitar – Aleksander Oleksienko, keyboard – Deme Vilmosh), ballet (Nazar Grabar and Yurii Gurich), backing vocals (Katerina Kuzmenko and Yulia Aladko), sound engineer Aleksander Hutsol and many more. Dizzying stunts, stunning choreography, megawatts of light (Oleg Davidov, Lighting engineer/designer) – that’s what awaits you at the Loboda group concert.

Loboda group is the most striking phenomenon on the modern stage, which dictates not only the musical direction, style and manner of performance, but also the latest trends in the world of show business. Video clips gain tens of millions of views on YouTube. The last songs of Loboda Group are worked out in collaboration with Monatik, and the combination of beautiful lyrics and the dizzy voice of Svetlana takes the music industry to a new level!

Tickets to the concert in your city you could find following the next links. Don’t miss the spectacular show!

March 5th – Toronto [bomond] [kaboom]

March 7th – Boston [tickets]

March 8th – New York [tickets]

March 9th – New York [tickets]

March 10th – Chicago [tickets]

March 14th – Miami [tickets]

March 16th – Los Angeles [tickets]

March 17th – San Francisco [tickets]

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