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Makeup Industry: No Borders And No Limits

You would think that makeup industry exists in the way that it was established centuries ago: lipstick, powder, mascara, blushes, and eye shadows. Solid categories. Surprisingly, the amount of makeup brands grows each year: varieties of different and unique formulas, unexpected wearable colors, smooth and soft textures, and creative design. Makeup forums, channels, blogs, and reviews brought this industry to the new level. Previously, colors in makeup were only for TV shows, movies, models, and artists. Nowadays, it is for everybody. It created not only the market for consuming, but also for professionals – makeup artists.

…Welcome to the Makeup Show Chicago – the largest annual beauty event in Midwest. That is where any artist can find inspiration in the world of Glory and Beauty.

The show was launched in 2011. After 5 years of staying in Bridgeport Art Center event changed the location to Revel, an event venue in Fulton Market, in November 2016. Over 4,500 people attended the show this year. All of them got the opportunity to watch and learn from the best professionals during seminars and workshops, buy makeup products from over 70 beauty brands at exclusive show-only prices, and network with top industry executives.

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Look at this list of keynote speakers (!): Gregory Arlt (Director of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics based out of Los Angeles), Mario Tricoci (hairstylist and owner of salons in Chicago, Illinois), Danessa Myricks (Director of Product Innovation/Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics), Yaneek Proctor (Makeup Stylist for Nars Cosmetics), Michael DeVellis (Owner, The Powder Group), Vivian Baker (an Emmy Award winning makeup artist with over 30 years experience, a member of the IATSE Local 706 Los Angeles & Local 798 New York), and James Vincent (Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show, The Powder Group and the WWD Beauty Inc Award winning Ardency Inn. ). Kat Von D – American tattoo artist, model, musician, entrepreneur, and television personality – was on hand and held the final Q&A keynote session. That was one truly fantastic inspirational appearance!

The experts in the industry not only shared specific knowledge and expertise, but as well provided great motivational content. Mario Tricoci told his story to success. Starting from the bottom as an assistant at barbershop, he realized who he really wanted to be in life. He saw an educational process as a necessity in developing his own business and implementing new methods in salon operations. From 1976 to nowadays he received every major awards in hair salon industry. Following the key rule “pursuing and determination”, he was improving himself and his team until complete integrity, in sense of “doing right things, when nobody sees it.” As Mariо says, the industry doesn’t need another hairdresser, esthetician or makeup artist. But it certainly needs professional hairdresser, professional esthetician and professional makeup artist. To be exact the industry goes the way that current professionals build it. Mario believes into having a career, not just a job. He learned early enough that “JOB” means: “Just Above Broke!” “If you want to be successful, have a career,” Mario emphasized on it. “Nobody can work like that, obviously. It is impossible. But your mindset should be crafted for that.”

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Aga Kaskiewicz, Instructor at Make Up First® School of Makeup Artistry, Owner and Founder, Lead Artist at Makeup by Aga, shared her career views.

“I have lived in America for 25 years. Before moving here I finished art school in Poland. Having an artistic personality, I wanted to find something, where I could be creative. For an immigrant without English I did every possible job. Then I finished Polish makeup school in Chicago (it does not exist anymore), took some classes in LA at Vidal Sassoon… Time flies and by now I am in my 18 years in make up!

I prefer one on one connection. I do many personal services. At the same time, I love to be a part of something big. When I met James [James Vincent, Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show], I decided to join the Makeup Show Events. I work as an Ambassador with the Makeup Show Chicago for 5 years!

I do a lot of fashion and shows. I worked with Merdith Viera (American Journalist), Ally Larter (Heroes), Joan Jett (American rock singer), celebrity chefs Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Food) and Sara Moulton (chef, cookbook author, TV personality). Some of the names I cannot share because of confidentiality, but, believe me, they are really-really popular in the music world.

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Everything in life I did on my own. Nobody showed to me how to do it. For the Polish girl who came to US and built such a career, it is amazing. Keep in mind: there are no short cuts, be ready to work hard! And always know that it is possible to achieve what you want and build your own American Dream!”

Events, like Makeup Show, bring “best of the best” professionals and leaders to organize, educate, and guide people into new ideas, collaborations, and projects. What does it take to make these things alive? Just doing business with passion and dedication. That’s how dreams come true.

Photos by Jeremy Franklin, Photographer

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