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Albert Einstein was a brilliant scholar and scientist, however it is well documented that he had trouble in regular school. Other scientists, who had documented problems “learning problems,” include Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell.

A short list of brilliant, accomplished people from various walks of life who had a difficult time in “learning”;

Actors, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone

Authors: Hans Christian Anderson, George Bernard Shaw, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Musicians: Mozart, Beethoven, John Lennon, and Cher.

Athletes: “Magic” Johnson, Bruce Jenner, Carl Lewis, and Nolan Ryan.

Politicians: John F. Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller, Dwight Eisenhower, and Woodrow Wilson.

Military leaders: General Patton and General Westmoreland.

When I see this list of brilliant and accomplished individuals, I wonder if we are going about measuring intelligence and learning in a way that doesn’t capture all the necessary information.

The theory of multiple intelligence or (MI) proposed by Howard Gardner, (PhD) a professor from Harvard seeks to understand intelligence as a living organism.  In this theory human intelligence is divided into 9 different kinds of smarts; Musical – rhythmic & harmonic, Visual – spatial, Verbal – linguistic, Logical – mathematical, Bodily – kinesthetic, Interpersonal-social, Intrapersonal-awareness of self, Naturalistic and Existential. The theory recognizes that most of us will have one or two primary areas of strong intelligences and all the other intelligences will play out in the background.

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