Russian Chicago Magazine was founded since 2010 as a 80-page, bi-weekly, lifestyle publication in Russian and English that features articles on local businesses, entertainment, art, family, home and sport. On quality paper, all color, oversized, stitched and neatly cut.

Five thousand complimentary copies of Russian Chicago Magazine were available every other Friday at over 300 busy locations throughout Chicago and suburbs. On bi-weekly basis, the publication was hand-distributed in various locations at peak hours and mailed to business and individual subscribers free of charge.

Russian Chicago Magazine reached an audience that consists of highly educated, savvy and affluent Chicagoans able to read in Russian.

With total monthly readership about 80,000 people. We had put together a great team of expert editors, journalists, designers and photographers who are creating a product that exceeds expectations of our readers and is sure to impress you!

In May, 2016 Russian Chicago Magazine transformed to digital version RussianChicagoMag.com.

These are just some of the key benefits that Russian Chicago Magazine will consistently deliver to your business:

  • Feature insightful articles on your business, services and/or products
  • Create attention-grabbing advertisements
  • Update information in your ad as needed
  • Publish interviews from stakeholders and customer testimonials
  • Increase your monthly readers of the publication
  • Provide certified circulation statistics

Please contact me at your convenience to discuss how you can start reaping the benefits of RussianChicagoMag.com


Igor Golubchik
Mag@bomond.com, andy@vashe.com