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igorNo, I will not talk about the weather in Chicago. Whatever. It’s Chicago. How is that you’re still not used to it? We all get over it eventually, and you will too. Let’s talk about fun stuff instead. We’re planning some fantastic concerts and shows for you. How about Zemfira,finalists from Russia’s “Golos”, Aleksander Reva (Artur Pirozhkov included), Serebro (hot, hot, hot), Potap & Nastya and more! Please stay tuned, be sure to check bomond.com often because that’s the only place where you’d find information first about all the upcoming shows. Yes, not Facebook, not Twitter. We first put it out on bomond.com and then a few days later post to Social Media. There’s a reason for that. People who know “what’s up” get the best tickets discounted tickets first. I just let you in on a little secret. Use it to your advantage.

On another positive note, we’re getting a lot of great feedback and encouragement from our readers. Some people really like what we do, and it’s great. Literally with each new issue it’s more and more positive feedback. Which tells me we’re doing something right. At least most of the time. Vika, Kostya, Andrey, Yana, Katya,Tanya, Nikki – you rock! I believe people started noticing a huge difference between what we do and what everyone else does a while back. Not just in print, but also on the radio and on the Internet. And by now it’s clear. We are like “Apple” and they are like… I can’t even find a good comparison because they don’t make stuff like that any more 🙂 Accept it. It’s the way of life. If you don’t jump on our wagon – you’re going down. Sooner than you may think.

This issue of Russian Chicago features yet another success story of life, business and perseverance. Some of you may know Val Fedorovich personally, some, perhaps, might have heard about Val from Vashe radio. One of the nicest guys I know and an awesome Real Estate professional with extensive experience, who knows the city well, who even wants to live in Lincoln Park – one of my favorite parts of the city. I’m talking about the great city of Chicago of course, my dear far far north suburban readers, yes, there’s such a place. Northbrook Court is not the center of the universe my darlings, sorry.
This new magazine you’re holding is filled with interesting articles and interviews by our staff and contributing writers, more so than ever. We’ve made some adjustments. We’ve raised the prices for advertisements. We’ve even dropped some ads. We are cool like that. Because we are making something with you in mind. We care. Have you noticed that you would never ever ever ever see us advertising or promoting some shady business or service? Have you ever seen us advertise psychics, palm readers, healers or other weirdos? We don’t advertise magic stones or beds or pills or devices. We could have just taken the advertising money like everyone else and not care… But we don’t hold you for fools and we don’t want you to get fooled. Because we like you. Because you like us. We scratch each other’s backs that way, if you know what I mean. Enjoy this issue! Talk soon, cheers!
Igor Golubchik
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