Step by step… into the final

Chicago Blackhawks’ Marian Hossa representing Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey 2016 in Toronto, heading into the final against Canada. Taking “step-by-step” approach, Hossa’s team is very close to making a sensation on Canadian soil. First final game is on Tuesday, September 27th. For now Hossa approached the media following Team Europe overtime win over Sweden 3:2.

– It’s a different animal that we are going to face in the final on Tuesday, – said Hoss about Canada. Game One is next, and we just try to prepare ourselves. We will try to play a strong defensive game.

– In your opinion when Team Europe really got together and became a team?

– I think we started to understand the system after the first two losses in our group during preseason games. They guys started to understand how to play well defensively. When we beat Sweden in Washington, it definitely helped us. Everybody was more comfortable, more on the same page. We started to understand what the coaches wanted from us.

– What was the reaction of people back in Europe when the idea of creating united Team Europe first presented?

– One half was into it and the other didn’t really care. But now more people are starting getting into it, realizing that there are a few guys from those European countries going into the final against the best team that there is in Canada. So I think everybody is going to watch that final.

– Everybody at this tournament talks about goaltending. What could you say about Jaroslav Halak?

– To tell the truth he is so calm and I think he is going to be in his own zone. He doesn’t worry about these things much, trying to prepare for another game.

– In a million years have you ever thought that you would be heading into the final with that team?

– When I first looked at our line-up, I saw a pretty solid line-up. When I looked at other teams’ line-ups, I was like, “Wow!” We were going to face great players and the best that there are right now. We tried to go step by step, and that was our goal. Right now we are in the final. Everybody is happy about it, and we will go from there.


Photo Vika Bulakhava

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