The Medical Volunteer Team at the Dr. Aibolit Pricnic!

On Sunday, August 24th, 2014, we had hosted a Doctor Aibolit Picnic Fundraiser! Our whole Russian-American community of friends and neighbors joined in to help raise money for Life is Great Global. LIG Global is an organization of doctors, which travel around the globe and provide medical care in under served areas, where otherwise these treatments would be close to impossible. We joined together, many friends volunteered and donated their time and effort in all aspects of the event! We received great support from our community businesses and medical practices! The picnic had great food, delicious drinks, fun music, a fundraiser auction, entertainment, and educational activities for kids. The educational activities for kids were organized by our medical volunteers, who practice different types of medicine and/ or healthcare. There were various stations set up with fun and interactive activities for children to do and learn what that doctor/ medical professional does at their job. Here are the descriptions from each doctor/ medical professional about their station and what the kids learned! Enjoy!

Eugene Zarkhin – Aceso Natural Health
Aceso Natural Health taught children about nutrition, by having them decorate a project with various raw grains! It was pretty an educational!

Are you looking for non-invasive, non-surgical, non-drug approaches that could help improve your health? Aceso Natural Health utilizes holistic and natural methods such as exercise, nutrition, manual therapy, and emotional support to help you:
Feel better
Look better
Function better
Prevent Injuries and Disease

Evelin Pirogovsky, M.S, CCC-SLP/L – Speech and Language Pathology
At the speech therapy station, we played a memory games using vocabulary containing the letter S. In addition, many kids played matching games using materials in English and in Russian.

Gregory Vayl CRNA and Dr. Julia Milman – Anesthsiology
Our station dealt with the airway management after an induction of general anesthesia. Keeping the airway open is essential for patient’s safety. The anesthesia provider can choose a way of making sure that the patient can breathe easily. He or she may do this by simply tilting the patient’s head back and lifting his/her chin. The patient also may have a tube placed in his/her airway.

Some of the tools we used for our activity were a mannequin head (simulation of an airway) with inflatable lungs and a stomach; an Ambu style bag valve mask–artificial resuscitator, a number of flavored masks in a variety of sizes (used in manual assisted ventilation); a number of laryngoscopes with straight and a curved blades (used for direct visualization of larynx, including glottis, vocal cords, etc) and a few endotracheal tubes (tubes that are normally introduced into the patient’s trachea to ensure that the oxygen-enriched air reaches the lungs for ventilation)

The anesthesiologists focused on explaining to the kids various as airway managing techniques while showing kids how to insert breathing devices into a mannequin.
We also had a photo station, the kids got to dress up in white coats with stethoscopes and surgical hats. Their picture was taken and the kids then designed their own photo frame to take home. Parents were very excited to see their little future doctors all dressed up.

Dr. Bernice Teplitsky – Dentistry
Our table with Wrigleyville Dental, helped kids find cavities in teeth and fill them up, like a real dentist, but using Play-Doh. Kids got to use real dental instruments and they learned about cavities, what causes cavities, how to prevent them, and how they are fixed.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin – Chiropractic
Representing Gordin Medical Center of Wheeling, Illinois. Dr. Gordin took time to explain and educate parents and kids about importance of proper posture and Scoliosis Prevention, proper eating habits, and the need of proper nutritional supplementation, sport injuries and traumas, pain prevention and management.

Dr. Alla Bodner – Obstetrics/Gynecology
I tried to teach the kids where babies come from and how they get there based on age and how much they wanted to learn.
But everyone loved hearing the babies heart beat and a big thank to Mama Pekler for being patient and volunteering

Dr. Alex Bendersky – Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is a science of movement whose focus is to restore optimal function and allow safe and efficient return to the desired level of activity. My goal was to introduce children to the vital elements that form the foundation of physical therapy: anatomy and human physiology. Through introduction of anatomy charts and anatomy coloring pages children were able to understand and appreciate the building blocks of the human organism.

Dr. Steve Pelitsky – Optometry
I definitely enjoyed participating and working with kids all ages! The main idea was to show and explain kids about the profession and importance of yearly eye exams. With kids I talked about what to expect when they come and see an Eye doctor. I talked about the importance of using glasses if needed. We talked about anatomy of an Eye and kids though that was pretty cool. The main idea is that I hope children understood that all medical professions are very important and going to see Health professionals for yearly checkups is necessary for their well-being! Thank you for having me at such event with a great cause!

Dr. Sergey Kachar – Orthopedic Surgery
Vlada, You did a great job with the organization of the event!
I taught thd kids how to apply cast to fractured arms and legs. I also showed them how to suture cuts and surgical wounds.
Thanks again :), Sergey

Irena Persky, Ph.D., – a Clinical Psychologist and owner of Wellbeing Treasured Inc., taught children and their parents about psychologists being experts in the ways people think, feel, and act. Children and their parents learned about stress thermometers, played matching games to identify emotions, and practiced exercises to learn about power of the mind. They also learned about cultivating gratitide by identifying people and personal strengths they are thankful for which is important to promote resilience and wellbeing.

Dr. Vlada Korol – Pharmacy
At the Kedvon Pharmacy station, kids learned what a pharmacist does, by filling prescriptions using candy! Kids learned that a patient brings a doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy and what a prescription looks like. They learned how to fill the order with the correct product, by counting out the right number of candy tablets, while using a pharmacist’s counting tray and spatula, and then poured the candy into real medication vial. Lastly, kids got to choose their favorite color and make a label for their prescription. They got to keep their work as a souvenir, and remembered to only eat one candy a day, after lunch!

The spirit and energy of the Dr. Aibolit Picnic Fundraiser was phenomenal! We, medical professionals are very passionate about what we do! We had a great medical volunteer team! Dr. Olya Gorenyuk represented Life Is Great Global along with core medical mission team members Dr. Ernani Sadural, Dr. Raghu Thunga, and Dr. Sarah Timmapuri. It was a great honor to share our knowledge with the younger generation and it was fantastic to organize and be part of the event. We are very pleased with the results of the fundraiser and look forward to seeing LIG growing and going on future medical missions to help people!

Kedvon Pharmacy Supports Travel Medicine! We wish Life is Great Global lots of luck, strength, and success on their upcoming medical missions!


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