Vlada Korol: Baby Mia’s Pharmacy and Care Kit

lrgscaleessentials-kitEvery March since 2006, I remember my graduation from Chicago College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University. It was such an important, meaningful day full of emotions, smiles, and photographs. Among family and friends, I remember my best friend Camilla, strolling into into the graduation ceremony, on her 9th month of pregnancy, but effortlessly wearing stiletto, high heels and looking fabulous. I was so touched by her presence at my day despite her delicate state; that it inspired my first creative project as a brand new pharmacist.
I decided to create a baby pharmacy kit for everything new parents might need at home, if anything came up during the baby’s first year. On April 8th, 2006 little Mia was born, and she received her very own baby pharmacy kit with all the basics, so that if needed, her parents would have everything at hand, and not have to run to the pharmacy in the middle of the night! Through the years of experience and having my 2 boys, the kit has been updated and optimized, and I’m happy to share the contents with you:

Baby Mia’s Pharmacy and Care Kit
1. Little Noses Saline drops
2. Vick’s Vapor Rub
3. Humidifier and Eucalyptus drops
4. Nasal Aspirator (NoseFreda)
5. Cotton balls and baby safe Q-tips
6. Fine tooth comb and soft bristle brush (cradle cap)
7. Nail Clippers
8. Thermometer
9. Tylenol (Acetaminophen) infant drops
10. Feverall rectal suppositories
11. Motrin (Ibuprofen) infant drops
12. Pedialyte
13. Gripe Water for colics
14. Mylecon drops for gas
15. Glycerin suppositories
16. Body Wash, Shampoo, Skin cream (Mustela makes a great set)
18. For natural bathing, dry chamomile and marigold herbs
17. Zinc cream or paste for diaper rash (boudreaux butt paste)
18. Calibrated Medicine dropper
19. Neosporin ointment for cuts and scrapes
20. Small Bandaids
21. Orajel for gum pain/ teething
22. Teething melt-away tablets
23. Baby teeth cleaning gel and little brush
24. Baby Sun Block
25. Baby Bug Repellant

Make sure to carefully follow all packaging instructions! Be very careful with dosing and directions! For any questions contact your pediatrician or your friendly pharmacist. Also more serious matters may arise where a prescription medication is necessary for your baby. This kit only contains over the counter items.

If your baby is warm, measure the temperature rectally with a digital thermometer. Be assured that rectal temperature is considered to be the most accurate in pediatric patients. Become familiar with temperature values in Fahrenheit, especially important if you grew up abroad, and are only familiar with Celsius. A rectal temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a fever. Some other things to pay attention to in the first couple months especially are baby crying while arching the back up or fussiness and bringing the knees up to the stomach. If the baby is arching her back up and being fussy it can be a sign of heartburn, if the doctor determines that to be true, an antacid syrup will be prescribed. If the baby is squeezing his knees up towards the stomach, and being fussy, it can be gas, which is very common. Over the counter Gripe water or Mylicon (Simethicone) drop can be given directly into the baby’s mouth or added to their milk. make sure to also pay attention to any skin redness or rashes. Depending on how the skin problem presents, it can be a sign of allergies, an insect bite, or an infection. Be especially carefully of any swelling and shortness of breath, if that occurs contact your pediatrician immediately! Take care of your newborn, wishing all babies and their parents health and joy!

Kedvon Pharmacy can put together a kit for your newborn as well as fulfill all of your prescription needs! Contact us at (847) 459-0001 or stop in at 56 S. Milwaukee Ave. Wheeling, Illinois.

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