Vlada Korol: My Little One’s Pharmacy Kit for International Travel

We all work hard, and look forward to taking a vacation to change scenery, unwind, and relax. We want to make it fun and enjoyable for the whole family. The best thing one can do when traveling abroad is, to take extra measures to be safe and prepared, especially for your little ones. By popular demand here is a list of items you must pack for your trip with children!

A Packing List of Medical Musts for Traveling Abroad with Children

1. Insurance Card and pediatrician contact information
2. Medical Alert Bracelet for child’s wrist (for children with allergies and/ or chronic conditions)
3. Extra medication supply if your child takes medication regularly (pack that carry-on, do not check in in-case luggage gets lost.) Please consider individual airline restrictions and make sure to have all prescription medications properly labeled by your pharmacy. It is a good idea to have a written prescription for your child’s medications with you, in case the medications get lost during travel. (1)
4. First Aid Kit containing:  a variety of band-aids, antiseptic wipes or hydrogen peroxide, sterile gauze pads, roller bandages, cotton balls, adhesive tape, neosporin ointment, hydrocortisone ointment, disposable gloves, small scissors, tweezers, instant cold pack, space blanket, flash light and batteries, oral thermometer, breathing/ protective mask, first aid instruction booklet). (2)
5. Sun Block and Mosquito Repellant
6. Dosage spoon or a measurement syringe
7. Fever reducer/ pain reliever: Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin (ibuprofen)
8. Stuffy Nose: saline drops, decongestant drops, eucalyptus chest rub, bulb syringe or Nosefrida for “sucking out snot”!
9. Antihistamine syrup (allergies), examples: Benadryl (diphenhydramine) or Claratin (loratidine) **** please read directions on the package, make sure it is age appropriate for your child. These syrups are available over the counter.
10. Rehydrating powder or tablets ( in case of dehydration/ electrolyte imbalance)
11. Glycerin suppositories for constipation
12. Imodium syrup for diarrhea
13. Antibacterial sanitizer hand wipes
14. Antibiotics

    Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic suspension for your child, in case he or she gets sick during the trip. Ask the pharmacist not to mix the antibiotic…. so that it doesn’t spoil, instead the pharmacist can tell you how to mix it if needed during the trip. (3) In practice, I often see people traveling with Augmentin (amoxicillin/ clavulonate) suspension in case of upper respiratory tract and ear infections. Also, I see Zithromax (Azithromycin) prescriptios in case of a child having intense Traveler’s Diarrhea.(4)  When you are preparing to travel, keep your destination in mind, different destinations may have their own specifics. Some destinations even require special vaccinations.   Remember to follow directions of your pediatrician, pharmacist, and product packaging very carefully. It is very, very important to measure the correct dose, to make sure that the medication is appropriate for your child’s age, and that the child is not allergic to the ingredients.   Become familiar with these medications, their purpose, and side effects. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  I hope that this list and pointers help to prepare and I wish you a wonderful journey.
Kedvon Pharmacy will be happy to put together a Pharmacy Travel Kit for your Little One! Please contact us at (847) 459-0001 or e-mail
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