Vlada Korol: The Kedvon Pharmacy Medical Wallet Card – Can Save a Life in an Emergency!

Quite a long time ago, and of course during my first week as a new pharmacist, I was covering a twelve hour shift at a bizy retail pharmacy on North and Sheffield in Lincoln Park, Chicago.  At the very last few minutes of the shift a front store’s clerk announced over the intercom “We have an Emergency, Pharmacy Help”!   I jumped over the counter and ran upfront as fast as possible.  Pardon the graphic description, I came to a terrible scene, a middle age man was on the floor in a pool of blood, neck appeared acwardly twisted, unconscious, no pulse determined at the time, his back-back and groceries on the floor.  I immediately instructed the clerk to telephone 911, and the Chicago paramedics arrived within 30 seconds and began CPR. In the crazy rush and chaos, I pulled out his wallet and found his name on his driver’s license.  I ran back to the pharmacy department and typed his name into the computer system, and his profile was
there, indicative of heart disease and diabetes.  This was critical information!  I pulled out a tube of glucose gel and we rubbed it in his mouth.  If his sugar was too low and he was in diabetic coma, this could help.

Unfortunately, we did not have good news, and it was a sad ending.  All together, no one knew when the man fell down and when the clerk found him, he was already out.  This could of happened minutes before it was discovered.  Further, the man fell in an area where the video cameras did not capture that section of the store.  It was an extremely hot, Chicago summer day and he walked to the store.  In an emergency, every second counts, what if he had more medical information in his wallet, could we have done something faster to aid this man.

It is very important to have a current list of ones’ medications and basic health  information on hand.  It’s not possible to carry around medical records and not everything can be retrieved from a mobile phone in case of an emergency.  This is especially important for patients who are on multiple medications, have a medical history, and/ or allergies.  Kedvon Pharmacy wants to help patients maintain their current medication information in a convenient way.   We collaborated with great Home Health Care nurses Bianca Barash and Mariya Smaha and a talented graphic arts designer Larisa Blyudaya, and created a Pharmacy Medical Wallet Card.

On the outside, the Pharmacy Medical Wallet card can be filled out with your most important contact information, whom to reach in case of an emergency, medical conditions and allergies, and Kedvon Pharmacy address and phone numbers. The inside of the card is for your list of medications, over the counter medictions, vitamins, supplements, and herbals. Also, there is space to write the specific directions and the date you began a particular medication and dose.

Also if you want to keep a card in a convenient place at home, we designed a magnetic case, the card can go into it and be placed on the refrigerator.  This is especially convenient when nurses visit patients at home, they can see the whole current list of medications all in one place as opposed to fumbling through a multitude of bottles and rewriting all the medication names, doses, and directions.  Also, it is a helpful aid for family members and other caretakers.

All is well when all is well, but emergencies can happen when least expected.  How does someone helping you know anything about you?   Remember a Kedvon Pharmacy Medical Wallet Card can help provide critical information about your health, get help faster, and possibly save a life!   Please stop into our Chicago or Wheeling locations and PICK UP A FREE PHARMACY MEDICAL WALLET CARD for yourself, a family member, or a friend.  A pharmacist is often the most easily accessible medical professional and we are always ready to help!

By: Vlada Korol PharmD.


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