Winter Essentials at Kedvon Pharmacy

Its cold outside, so come on in!  See what is happening inside Kedvon Pharmacy!  We are ready for all of your winter and holiday needs.

Cough, Cold, and Flu
Sure, nobody wants to deal with these boogers – literally!  We are here to help.  Kedvon Pharmacy carries a variety of herbal remedies and medicinals for all your cough and cold symptoms.

Your Friendly Pharmacists Advice:  when you have multiple types of symptoms, you have a choice you can buy a product that helps with all of the symptoms or get a product for each specific symptom.  Many people are confused which way to go!   I would advise that if a product is made for all your symptoms, then it is very convenient to use it, that’s a good choice.  However, if the ingredients in the  product only cover some of your symptoms, but also has for symptoms you don’t have…. do not choose this combination product.  You will end up taking extra, unnecessary ingredients.   Here is the trick, to make your choices easier and more beneficial to you, Tell your pharmacist exactly the specific symptoms you have been experiencing.  For example, instead of saying “I have a cough, say “I have a wet cough” or “I have a dry cough”.  These details are very important in choosing the right medications to get you the best results.

Banya – Sauna – The Bath House
The well-known Russian tradition of going to the bath house, to steam a little of course!  The health benefits of banya are countless, including: detoxification, clearing airways, muscle tension release.  At Kedvon Pharmacy we will get you perfectly ready to look and feel great during your banya experience!

Your Friendly Pharmacist’s Advice: What you will need is a wool hat – we have many fun styles, designs, and sizes for men and women!  Next you will need a Venik – these are bunches of high quality dried branches,  available in oak or birch.  Next, to breath in the best, get a small bottle of eucalyptus drops.  Also, enjoy a large variety of scrubs, body butters, and lotions for after the banya.  After all, this is the favorite wintertime social experience.

Wintery Dry Skin and Lips
The heat is on – well indoors that is!  What to do when your skin feels dry and you feel like an alligator!

Your Friendly Pharmacist’s Advice:  Our best unique recommendation, is Thermal Water by Avene.  Yes, it is water in an aerosol spray can.  But, believe me, its not plain water.  Avene water contains minerals, when sprayed onto skin, it is a great moisturizer.  You can use it by itself or spray on before moisturizer, this will seal an extra layer of moisture into your skin.  Avene water comes in various sizes:  large, medium, and travel size.  Moisturize and “enjoy the skin you are in!”  We also carry a wide variety of chopsticks and lip balms, starting from traditional American to European.

Stay warm this winter!!! Come visit us!  Keep in mind when holiday shopping, we carry a large selection of skincare products which make great gifts!

Visit Kedvon Pharmacy in Wheeling (Fresh Farms Plaza), Buffalo Grove (inside Garden Fresh Supermarket), and in Chicago (corner of Devon and California).

Vlada Karol

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